64 Delux Estate

1964 Mk1 Delux Estate.

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The story

Estate cars, or wagons as Aussies know them, are relatively rare here as they were not sold new through dealers.  All the ones you see were imported privately – usually from England.  Rumor was that many Ford dealers imported Mk1 Estates for their personal vehicles…

This car had been sitting under tarps in the previous owners driveway for 6 or 7 years after being retired from daily duties. We gave it a good wash inside and out, an oil and filter change, found some new heater and radiator hoses, adjusted the points, installed a new battery and added some fresh fuel and away it went.  This made us happy.


Retaining the original Aqua blue (BT BA – English codes are different to Aussie codes) with white stripe and roof, it is basically solid but needs some rust cut out and patched up in places.  Inner sills, door corners and bottom of the rear quarters being the only points of concern (exactly the same as any other Mk1 Cortina).  We replaced the 13 inch alloys with some 15 inch charcoal Superlites but might go back to some widened 13 inch steels in the near future.  Not in a hurry to fix the rust and fully respray as we are concentrating on other projects, so might lower it a little and run the ‘rat’ look for a while longer.

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Not too much to mention here.  Door cards, trim and seats are pretty good. Carpet needs some attention and hoodlining needs gluing back in places; but otherwise it’s clean and tidy.

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Originally a 1200, the current engine is a 1600cc bottom end with a 1500 pre-crossflow head.  This was a popular modification ‘back in the day’ and still works very well.  Runs an alloy rocker cover, nice cam and GT carb, inlet manifold and extractors.  We will potentially replace the carbs with twin sidedrafts one day, but otherwise it runs reliably and pulls well, so we are inclined to not touch too much.  Fuel pump was replaced with an electric faucet style to aid starting.

Gearbox is a little sloppy but we think a new reverse lockout block will fix that.  Diff ratio is unknown but it appears to be in good condition, so again, we’ll be leaving things be.

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Not much to see here as it’s all fairly standard.  It’s been re-bushed in urethane and we installed a 24mm swaybar to tighten things up a little.  Drag link needs reconditioning and this is next on the ‘to do’ list along with a steering box inspection/tighten.

Rear lever shocks have been converted to a telescopic arrangement.

Photo of rear end.