Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we are asked. If you don’t find your question here contact us with your query. There’s a technical information page that also may help you with the information you are seeking right here

Q. How can I pay for items I wish to purchase?
A. There are a few options. Please look here.

Q. Do you have a shop?
A. No we don’t.  We post parts from a private address.

Q. I urgently need a part, can you help?
A. We will do our best, but strictly no promises.  Please see ‘Parts’ page for details.

Q. Where is my part?
A. A tracking number can usually be supplied, but AusPost is variable in delivery time.

Q. Do we require a changeover part?
A. Yes in some cases. Strut tops and drag links/idler arms mostly.

Q. Will you parts and conversions fit Escorts and MK2 Cortina’s?
A. Our parts are specifically made for MK1 Cortina’s with some minor exceptions for Mk2’s

Q. Can you repair my own brake booster?
A. Yes.

Q. Will you freight/post overseas?
A. Yes we do. Details here

Q. Do tandem master cylinders come with pipes and push rod?
A. No. Only tube nuts are supplied.

Q. Will the PBR brake boosters fit other cars?
A. Yes they can be adapted to fit most cars.

Q. Can we buy the adjustable lower control arm from you?
A. No! We do not make or offer these items for sale.

Q. I’d like to purchase a front brake conversion like the one on your car?
A. Sorry, we do not sell this conversion any more.

Q. Can any of the Nissan conversions be done legally with an engineers report?
A. Yes.

Q. Can a car later than 1977 be modified and engineered as easily as a car pre 1976?
A. It is much harder because of different ADR’s restrictions on cars later than 1977.

Q. What ADR’s should I look for on my ID tag ?
A. ADR27a. If your car has this ADR then it becomes really difficult and much more restrictive as far as modifications are concerned. Cars are bound by the Australian Design Rules contained on the ID tag.