This is a customers car that we have been working on as parts, time and funds allow, for about 6-7 years.

One of the few genuine green GT500’s built by Harry Firth for homogolation purposes.  This car was a virtual basket case when it came to us.  It had suffered an appallingly bodgy body repair and paint job and unfortunately had the original tags stolen while it sat at the body shop, along with most of the parts unique to GT500’s…  The history of the car is completely known, so there is no doubt about authenticity, which is why we were happy to help the owner recover and properly restore the car.

We had the body redone properly and sourced many parts for the rebuild while that was being done.  Long story short, the car is now 99% complete and looking great.  Some customisation has been performed to make it more drivable, like a hidden CD player and modern speakers, but otherwise it presents very original.


Engine was rebuilt to standard specifications.  Starts and drives like a new one.



Interior was renewed in the original Palomino at a local trimmer and looks fantastic.  New carpets, hood lining, recovered centre console etc.



Exactly as you’d expect.  Original colour, chrome trim and lowered slightly.  Now running on 15 inch Superlights with new tyres.

Suspension and brakes

All original underneath but refreshed where necessary.  Rebuilt calipers, new rear slave cylinders and all new brake hoses.  New shock inserts/bushes/ball joints/tie rods etc. make it drive exactly how it did when new.


Unfortunately, Betty, one half of the husband and wife team that own the car, passed away before the car was 100% complete.  But she did enjoy one last drive in the car.