Things to understand before ordering

We run as a hobby business to keep Mk1 Cortina’s on the road.  We do our best to help you with your project, but we sometimes need to priortise other parts of our lives above posting parts for project cars.

  • You can place an order for parts by e-mailing:
  • Parts will be dispatched ASAP, but due to a full time job, parts mail-outs usually happen twice a week.
  • We will do our best to communicate quickly and clearly about your order.
  • Parts that need to be couriered need more time to finalize postage costs and payment to clear.
  • Order can not be processed without your full name and address.
  • Changeover means: your part will need to be sent to us first before reconditioned part will be sent.  Please contact us before you send anything.

If you have further questions please use contact us.

How to order

You can email your order together with your full name and address and postcode
International orders : If you are ordering outside Australia, Payment will be by PayPal only as this method is fast and secure payment for both parties. Postage will be calculated then added to item cost.
*Order cannot be processed without your full name and address*

How to pay

We prefer payment via AusPost COD. You will receive a card in your mail box informing you there is an item to collect at your local Post Office, you pay the Post office then they pay me. Easy!
Using AusPost COD will get your items dispatched same day in most cases.

We also accept direct bank deposit and AusPost money orders

Postage (Express or otherwise) will need to be calculated and added to total cost before depositing funds or sending a money order. Items will not be sent until funds are cleared or a copy of the receipt is e-mailed.

Postage and freight

All items will be sent promptly upon receipt of deposited funds. All efforts are made to ensure contents remain and arrive un-damaged. No responsibility will be taken for postal/courier workers poor handling.

Packaging & handling charge

There will be an additional packaging and handling charge added to your order of $4.00 for couriered items and $2.00 for AusPost items.

Front and rear parcels shelves, rear seat separator/divider boards, full length sills and fuel tanks must be couriered.

Returns & warranty

Please contact us before items are returned please. Most items carry a warranty. Once done, please ensure items are packaged in a similar way so to prevent further damage or scuffing.

Body & Light seals

ItemPicturesShippingAvailabilityPrice AUD
NEW! Opening front quarter vent window seal. 4 door.AusPostInstock$200 pair
New! Opening front quarter vent window seal. 2 door.AusPostComing soon!$200 pair
63 -64 front park light lense sealAusPostIn stock$10 a pair
63 -64 front park light body sealAusPostIn stock$12 a pair
65-66 air flow front park light lense sealAusPostIn stock$10 a pair
65-66 air flow front park light body sealAusPostIn stock$12 a pair
Tail light lense sealAusPostIn stock$20 a pair
Tail light body sealAusPostIn stock$20 a pair
Door, boot and wiper arm seals (sets only please specify 2 or 4 dr)AusPostIn stock$10 4dr
$6 2dr
Steering column firewall seal (Also suit MK2 Cortina)AusPostIn stock$18 each
Estate / wagon tail light lense sealsAusPostIn stock$12 a pair
Estate / wagon tail light body sealsAusPostIn stock$14 a pair
Heater pipe firewall seals (with holes) (Also suit MK2 Cortina)AusPostIn stock$4 each
Heater pipe firewall seals (without holes) (Also suit MK2 Cortina)AusPostIn stock$4 each
Anglia 105E seals sets (tail light & park light seals only)AusPostIn stock$30 a set
Mk2 Cortina seal sets (tail light, park light & door handle seals. Please specify 2 or 4dr)AusPostIn stock$55 a set

Tanks & Senders

ItemImagePostageAvailabilityPrice (AUD)
Mk1 fuel tank. Brand new. Direct replacement.CourierIn stock$300
5V fuel sender unit. Direct drop in to new tanks. Also suitable for old tanks.AusPostIn stock$200
Seal for sender.AusPostIn stock$10
Body to fuel filler seal.AusPostIn stock$15

Sill & Panel repair sections

Sill panel repair sections    
DescriptionPicturesShippingAvailabilityPrice AUD
Replacement sill sections for small repairs. 530mm long. (This size easier to post). MK1 only.AusPostIn stock$55 each
Replacement sill length (1 length does one side) MK1 onlyCourier*In stock$250 each
Replacement sill length (1 length does one side) MK2 onlyCourier*In stock$275 each

Suspension & Steering

ItemImagePostageAvailabilityPrice (AUD)
Ball joint repair kits.AusPostIn stock$75 pair
Tie rods ends sold in pairs L&R thread.AusPostIn stock$75 pair
Strut tops. Sold in pairs. Exactly as original. Fit with no further adapters or spaces to original position on original Mk1 struts.AusPostIn stockChangeover only $375 pair
Idler arms. Prefer to sell new items. Your's can be rebuilt in special circumstances.AusPostLimited stock$35
Steering drag links. Your own rebuilt and sent back.AusPostLimited stock$80
Inner control arm bushes.AusPostIn stock$30 pair
Outer control arm bushes.AusPostIn stock$35 pair
Swaybar to body 'D' bush. 19 mm/20 mm/22 mm/24 mm/27 mm.AusPostIn stock$25 pair
Leaf spring eye bush. UrethaneAusPostIn stock$40 set
Leaf spring shackle bush. Urethane.AusPostIn stock$30 set
GT anti-tramp arm bushes. Urethane.AusPostIn stock$30 set
Mk2 Cortina inner long tie rod ends. (LH thread). Sold in pairs only. Super difficult to source.AusPostLimited stockPOA
Mk2 Cortina outer short tie rod ends (RH thread). Sold in pairs only.AusPostLimited stockPOA

Engine mounts

ItemImagePostageAvailabilityPrice (AUD)
1500 engine mountsAusPostLimited stock$110 each
Gearbox mountsAustpostLimited stock$60 each
1200 engine mountsAusPostLimited stock$50 each

Brake & Clutch

Dual circuit master cylinder 7/8 bore. Pipes exit on motor side. Bolts in standard position. With tube nuts.AusPostIn stock$260 each
Rubber brake hoses for disk brake cars.AusPostIn stock$90 set of 3
Braided brake lines ready to fit. Beware of cheaper versions NOT legal here in Australia.AusPostIn stock$260 set of 3
Rear wheel cylinders for standard brakes.AusPostIn stock$55 pair
Rear wheel cylinders for late GT and Mk2.AusPostIn stock$65 pair
Front brake pads GT suit early 63-64 P14 caliper.AusPostIn stockPOA
Front brake pads GT suit late 65-66 P16 caliper.AusPostIn stock$50 set
Front brake pads suit standard front disk brakes.AusPostIn stock$40 set
Rear wheel cylinder mounting clips. Sold in sets (4 pieces)AusPostIn stock$18 set
Standard clutchAusPostIn stock$275