Technical info

Technical information

Looking for some technical information on a MK1 Cortina. Well you just might find it here. Anything from Wheel PCD, brake pad types, thread pitch, service bulletins, and replacement part numbers etc. CA18 technical information here

Body dimensions & wheel alignment data here

Ford Australia Technical Service bulletins

Download factory advance specification bulletins.
These documents were distributed to dealers giving technical, servicing and repair data associated with that model. Rare and hard to find these days. PDF format.

Cortina GT500 June 24 1965 (5.6meg)

Lotus Cortina February 6 1964 (5.7meg)

Cortina February 26 1965 (9.5meg)

Fords fantastic fours

Article from Wheels magazine February 1963 Written by Mick McCarthy
A rare tech guide to building a performance 1500 pre- cross flow. Interesting read.
Download here *updated* 1 January 2009

Fitting Datsun crankshafts

A guide to building a performance 1500/1600 and twincam fitted with a Datsun crankshaft. Thanks Marty L.

Download here

Vehicle weights

Ready to drive or ‘wet’ (typically means all liquids but no fuel).

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Small variances may be found as information is not always stated as ‘wet’ figures.

Vehicle exterior dimensions

Below only applies to Mk1 Cortina’s only.

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Wheel PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter)

Cortina MK1 has a PCD of 4 x 108 = 4 stud, 108 mm between each stud converted to imperial is 4 x 4.25 inch. The below table lists cars that have the same PCD as MK1 Cortina, but keep in mind that offset and centre bore etc will render many of these wheels unsuitable to bold straight onto your Cortina.

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Rear axle width

Outside of drum to outside of drum = 52 inch’s or 1320.8 mm

Engine swaps used

Most of these swaps have had versions that are supercharged and turbo charged.  There are many more out there that have been performed, let us know if you want to add to the list.

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